Please note that we do not sell on Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, or any other sites not listed on this Partners Page. Parts listed for sale on those sites are either fakes, clones, or copies. All designs we sell were created in-house, and are original and unique to us; if you see a similar design being sold outside our dealer network, please know that it is a rip-off and a fake. The exception is eBay; we don't sell directly on eBay, but LynchNW products do come up for sale on that site through private sellers, and via Blades We Love. Listings on eBay from dealers or companies (not including Blades We Love) are likely fakes, clones, or copies. Such products are NOT covered by our Warranty, Exchange or Return policies.

North American Partners

We are grateful to our partners for their willingness to carry our kit, and are continually working to improve our processes so we can get them more inventory and new designs.

American Edge Blade Capone BladeHQ Blades We Love Cutlery Shoppe DLT Trading DNA Lasering Fradon Lock Company GP Knives Hitch & Timber Knife Center Knife Joy Knives Plus Northern Knives Original Goat Rivers Edge Cutlery Smoky Mountain Knife Works Tactical Elements Thunderbird Gear Urban EDC Supply Way of Knife & EDC Gear House White Mountain Knives Ye Ole Cutlery & Gift Shop

European Partners

Armes Bastille Coutellerie Tourangelle Knife Lounge Lamnia Makuma Onibai Outdoor Survival

South African Partner

The Knife Guy

Australian Partners

The Everyday Carry Collective Knife Depot Magna Knives