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Interesting (hopefully) tidbits, facts and information about LynchNW, our products and EDC.

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Hope Unpackaged

Our packaging at LynchNW is one way we try to create a little joy in our customer's day.

To have the opportunity to contribute to a person's life in that way - no matter how modestly - is an amazing privilege.
Casey Lynch, December 20, 2023
The Crew of Ye Good Ship LNW

Casey describes the team at LynchNW from his perspective

Meet the team at LynchNW through the eyes of Casey Lynch.
Casey Lynch, October 04, 2023
Horse Poop As Education

Lessons from a Work History

Casey highlights his work history and how this has shaped him and helped him grow personally and professionally.
Casey Lynch, August 15, 2023
How a Clip is Made

Making Deep Carry Titanium Clips - A Step by Step Guide Through Our Process

Get an inside look at what is takes to manufacture quality deep carry titanium clips. Learn more about how our team crafts clips for our customers.
Casey Lynch, July 18, 2023
Thank You to Those Who Answer the Bell

An Independence Day Tribute

We are proud of our great nation and thankful for the men and women that serve and protect it.
Casey Lynch, July 04, 2023
Inspirational Desperation

Desperation can be a great motivator. Casey takes us behind the curtain of his creative process.

Some people might suggest that a cup of tea, a soft chair, and a beautiful sunrise are helpful aids to spark inspiration. For Casey, hungry kids and unpaid bills are way more effective.
Casey Lynch, June 20, 2023
The Best Dog Who Ever Lived In The Whole Wide World

A History of the LynchNW Axe Dog Logo

Casey describes his thoughts on dogs in his life and the process and the history behind creating the Axe Dog logo that LynchNW uses frequently.
Casey Lynch, May 30, 2023
Feathers and Sons

Learn How the LynchNW "Feather Lite" Logo Was Inspired

Casey started making knife clips in his basement and it quickly went from stone-age to titanium age. Casey shares the way the "Feather Lite" was inspired and came to represent LynchNW products.
Casey Lynch, May 01, 2023
The LynchNW Story

LynchNW's History, as told by Casey Lynch, Owner & Founder

LynchNW came from humble beginnings, has continued to grow over the years and labors to humbly serve our customers day to day. Casey Lynch started the business in his basement, and through his leadership, and the efforts of the team that he has built, LynchNW has continued to grow as a mainstay and respected player in the EDC world.
Casey Lynch, April 12, 2023