Standard Clips

Carry your knife Confidently, Securely and Discreetly with our Titanium Deep Carry Clips. LynchNW knife clips are manufactured 100% in the USA and are Guaranteed for Life.

Our Standard Titanium Deep Carry Clips are hand finished and manufactured to compliment and MOD some of the most popular pocket knives on the market today.

A note: Though we may use manufacturer's names for the identification of fitment for some of our parts, LynchNW has no affiliation - unless otherwise noted - with OEM (original equipment manufacturers) brands or makers.

The OEM parts that our clips or scales are designed to replace are almost universally beautifully made and impeccably engineered items. As such, we hold OEM manufacturers in the highest regard. It is our viewpoint that our parts are not 'upgrades', per se, but 'alternatives'.