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    Spyderco Long Clip

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    Made in the USA. Guaranteed for Life

    Spyderco Long Deep Carry Titanium Clip

    See our Finish FAQ page to learn more about our finishes.

    We suggest the Spyderco Long clip for many FRN-scaled Spyderco blades that share the same clip hole pattern (Endura, Endela, Delica, Stretch, Domino, etc). This is due to pinch point location - the long clips pinch in the same location as the OEM Spyderco clips (the smooth part of the FRN scales, and the lock bar on the Domino). The Long clip will also fit many, if not most, knives that the Spyderco Standard clip fits, due to the shared hole pattern.

    Please see compatibility tab for more info.

    They are made here in Washington state from domestic 6AL-4V titanium, and are hand-formed and finished.  Each clip carries a lifetime guarantee - if you bend or tweak it, we’ll replace it, no charge.


    Clip Material: Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium

    Clip Length: 2.7"

    Clip Screw Hole Measurement (between center of each screw hole): 0.27"

    Clip Screw Hole Diameter: 0.098"

    Note: This clip comes with a hardware packet that includes a set of “just in case” T6 screws. Most Spyderco OEM screws take a T6 (Torx) tool to remove.



    • Caribbean
    • Centofante 3
    • Delica FRN
    • Domino
    • Endela FRN
    • Endela Pakka
    • Endura FRN
    • Endura 4
    • LeafJumper
    • Massad Ayoob
    • Matriarch 2
    • Native Chief LW
    • Pacific Salt 2
    • Paysan
    • Police 4
    • Police 4 LW
    • Rescue 3 LW
    • Rock Jumper
    • Salt 2
    • Stretch FRN
    • Stretch 2 FRN
    • Swayback (Spyderco Standard Clip fits, but not as well)
    • Tasman Salt 2

    *Not all compatible models may be listed. Please email us if you have compatibility questions.

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