What should I know about the handling and care of titanium?

Most of our parts are made of grade 5 (6AL-4V) titanium.  Though TI is a very corrosion-resistant material by nature, all parts will benefit by receiving some maintenance and care.

Stonewashed titanium will darken slightly from oils from your hands and other environmental contaminants.  A bit of Windex and a wipedown with a soft cloth will bring back the shine.

Anodized titanium is not a 'hard use' finish, and will show wear with use.  Scratches in the surface color are unfortunately unavoidable in most situations where the parts are used and carried daily.

In addition, anodized TI is susceptible to discoloration from oxidation caused by oils from your hands, specifically in the blue range (purple, 'blurple', and royal blue).  A wipedown with Windex and a soft cloth will typically bring the color back.