Chris Reeve Flat Top Machined Clip

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    Chris Reeve Flat Top Machined Clip

    Manufacturer SKU: MC-CRF


    Made in the USA. Guaranteed for Life

    Chris Reeve "CRF" Flat Top Machined Titanium Deep Carry Clip

    See our Finish FAQ page to learn more about our finishes.

    This iteration of the CRK clip was designed to compliment specific Chris Reeve pocket knives.  Each clip is hand finished to closely match the standard Chris Reeve scale finish.

    The Chris Reeve “Flat Top” machined clip is designed for the most recent versions of the Chris Reeve knives. Please see compatibility tab for more info. If you order one and it does not fit your Chris Reeve knife for any reason, you may return it for a full refund. The Chris Reeve OEM clips that come with their knives can occasionally be challenging to remove. Please email us if we can be of assistance. 

    It’s important to us that we give as much value as we can with each part that leaves the shop.  These clips are by far the most challenging, slow machining, and difficult part to make that we sell. This is reflected in the price. Please feel free to email with any questions.

    They are made here in Washington state from domestic 6AL-4V titanium, and are hand-formed and finished.  Each clip carries a lifetime guarantee - if you bend or tweak it, we’ll replace it, no charge.


    Notes on CRK Clip Finishes:

    Our Glass Blasted and Sandblasted finishes (formerly called Bead Blasted) should match up with Chris Reeve’s finishes of the same name.

    We DO NOT guarantee that our anodized finishes will match up with your Chris Reeve knife’s hardware, but if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will offer a refund on your clip order.


    Clip Material: Grade 5 6AL-4V Billet Titanium

    Clip Length: 2.0"

    Clip Screw Hole Measurement: N/A

    Clip Screw Hole Diameter:


    Both models fit left or right handed knives

    CRF-1 Model

    • Large Sebenza 21
    • Large Sebenza 31
    • Sebenza 25
    • Umnumzaan
    • Small Inkosi
    • Large Inkosi

    CRF-2 Model

    • Impinda
    • Small Sebenza 21
    • Small Sebenza 31
    • Piranha Virus

    The CRF-1 and CRF-2 clips are identical, save the small ‘tab’ on the back of the clip that fits into the clip pocket on the CRK scale. The small Sebenza 21 and small Sebenza 31 use a slightly smaller clip pocket than the other models in the line, so the CRK-2 clip has a tab machined to fit that pocket. All other dimensions between the two versions are the same.

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