Knife Butter Pen Oiler

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    Knife Butter Pen Oiler

    Manufacturer SKU: MN-KNF-BTR-LBE-PEN


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    Knife Butter Pen Oiler
    Knife Butter comes from the great minds over at Gun Butter, a well known firearm lubricant product. Knife Butter is a quality, effective knife lubricant for your EDC tool maintenance. KnifeButter was created to provide knife enthusiasts with a swift and effortless experience whenever needed. Use a small amount on the pivot, washer, bearings, or blade to ensure protection. Allow KnifeButter to penetrate the mechanism for a dependable and seamless performance.

    Size: 0.25 fl oz / 7 ml

    • Improves action
    • Fine pen needle applicator
    • Long lasting & durable
    • Non-Toxic
    • Corrosion & rust protection
    • Made in the USA

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