Spyderco Para 2 "Fibonacci" Aluminum Scale Kit

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    Purchase Spyderco Para 2 "Fibonacci" Aluminum Scale Kit

    Spyderco Para 2 "Fibonacci" Aluminum Scale Kit

    Manufacturer SKU: SC-PM2-FIB-ALM


    Made in the USA. Guaranteed for Life

    Spyderco Para 2 "Fibonacci" Aluminum Scale Kit (KNIFE NOT INCLUDED)


    Our retro Para 2 Aluminum Scale Kit, modifying your choice of Para 2 Knife (not included) with a set of Custom Aluminum scales, featuring a our retro milled "Fibonacci" concentric circles design, and a custom designed deep carry titanium clip, designed for right handed tip up carry. These scales are a Non lock-side liner delete setup, These kits come in the following finish combinations only and do not include a knife. See below for a full list of options:

    Para 2 "Fibonacci" Kits (Clip of Choice):

    • Green Anodized (14 sets available)

    • Black Anodized (45 sets available)

    • Blue Splatter Anodized (45 sets available)

    • Black & Pink Splatter Anodized (24 sets available)

    PLEASE NOTE: Modifying your Spyderco Knife may void the warranty on your knife. By purchasing this scale kit, you acknowledge this possibility and that LynchNW is not liable for any damage to your Spyderco knife that may occur during installation of this kit.
    FREE INSTALLATION: Lots of knife enthusiasts enjoy building out and modifying their knives themselves.  But if you'd prefer that we do the scale kit assembly here at the shop, we're happy to build out your knife, no charge.  If you buy a knife on our site to use as the base, let us know in the order notes and we'll put the scales and clip on it before shipping.  Or, if you already own the knife that you are planning on modding, you can mail it to us.  We'll assemble it with your new scale kit, making sure it's 'right and tight', and get it back to you complete.

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