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Blue Plate Waffle Special Bead

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    Blue Plate Waffle Special Bead

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    Made in the USA. Guaranteed for Life

    Blue Plate Waffle Special Bead

    Dropping August 22nd at Noon Pacific...

    Basic Waffle Plate includes:
    • Blue Plate
    • 3 Waffles
    • Syrup
    • Butter
    • Lanyard

    What's the most important meal of the day?  After doing 2 minutes of research on WebMD.com, it's possible that the answer may be breakfast.  And what's the most wholesome breakfast you can have?  Obviously it's waffles, heavy on the butter and maple syrup.  And how many waffles should a person have at one sitting?  More waffles means more vitamins and nutrients, so stack those things up. 
    To that end, step into the LNW Diner and order up one of our Blue Plate Waffle Specials.
    These ain't no mamby-pamby gluten free specimens.  These are made from 6AL-4V titanium, jam packed with artery-clogging toppings that will redline your daily calorie intake faster than you can say 'USA made'.  
    Don't tell her I said this, but these are probably better than the ones your mom makes, and will for sure be a better accessory for your EDC kit.  Plus, your mom doesn't have a laser or an anodizing setup.
    Thanks for dining with us, and remember to tip your waitress.