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Build a Burger Bead

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    Build a Burger Bead


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    Made in the USA. Guaranteed for Life

    Build a Burger Titanium Bead

    Dropping July 25th at Noon Pacific...

    Too late for a 4th of July picnic and too early for a Labor Day campout comes the Burger Bead. 

    Our Burger Beads are made from grass fed, hormone-free 6AL-4V titanium, barbecued just how you like ‘em.  We’ll get them to you hot and fresh via Uber Eats - er, USPS.

    Each bead comes standard with a top and bottom bun and a patty.  You add the toppings you like.  

    The toppings are organic and anodized to the appropriate color, and most are laser marked.   We have all the good ones available, unless you’re a Foodie who likes mac & cheese or peanut butter on your burger.  Can’t help you there.  (Actually, if you like peanut butter on your burger, you should probably go see a therapist.)

    Just like lettuce will wilt, please note that the anodization on these parts will wear over time as the bead jangles around on your lanyard.  But we are always happy to refresh any anodization when the need arises.  Think of us as your Titanium Grocer.

    Thanks for dining with LNW, and remember to tip your waitress.