All Access Pass v4.0 "Feather" Prybar

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    All Access Pass v4.0 "Feather" Prybar

    Manufacturer SKU: PB-AAP-4-0



    Made in the USA. Guaranteed for Life

    All Access Pass v4.0 "Feather" Titanium Prybars

    This version was designed as a replacement for the popular All Access Pass v3.5.

    See our Finish FAQ page to learn more about our finishes.
    6AL-4V titanium, fully machined, with a titanium pocket clip.  Each tool and clip is individually hand finished. CNC engraved ‘LNW’ logo. Larger CNC engraved 'Featherlite' and ‘doppler’ logo on opposite side.
    Maker’s Choice Surprise Anodized will be finished individually. Every piece will vary. Do you trust us?
    We finish and package each part by hand, so please be aware it can take a bit longer than our clips to receive your prybar.  Thank you!


    Dimensions: 4.75” x 0..70" x .150+/-"

    Weight:  0.9 oz /  24 Grams

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